Soldier's Name: Captain Robert Home

Branch of Service: Army

Regimental Information: N/A he was a medic and operated independently of regiments he did belong to the 17th Field Ambulance Division of the Royal Army Medical Corps.

Years of Service: October 1915-April 22 1917

Date of Birth: December 29, 1890

Date of Death: April 22 1917

Circumstances/Details of Death: He was waiting for a field ambulance with his Colonel when an artillery shell exploded nearby killing both of them as well as the driver of the ambulance.

Home Address: N/A

Parents' Names: Robert and Sarah Francis Home, of Toronto.

Home Address: N /A

Additional Information: He attended Bloor St., currently the Bloor St. United Church at 3oo Bloor St, he was buried at the Bethune town Cemetery in Pas de Calais, France.

Additional Documents Included in Profile: Image of page 578 of the World War One Book of Remembrance, various photos including his Roll of Service, Himself and of a Plaque found at his Church.

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