Soldier's Name: Harold Worthington

Branch of Service: Army

Regimental Information: Regimental 228192

Years of Service: 1916 - 1917

Date of Birth: Sept 27th, 1917

Date of Death: July 31st,

Circumstances/Details of Death: Killed in action

Home Address: 75 Powell Ave. Ottawa, Canada

Home Address 2: Indian Rd. Toronto, ON

Parents' Names: Elizabeth Worthington

Additional Information: Not Married, Worked as a Bank clerk, Willing to be vaccinated, Never served the army

Appearance: Grey eyes, Brown Hair, Fair complexion, Mole on right side, scar under right eye, mole on back, mole on right shoulder

Additional Documents Included in Profile: Attestation paper, Enlistment Page

Works Cited: Collections Canada:>

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