A foundation dedicated to reconnecting Harbord alumni and former staff.



MUSIC- conductors, composers, musicians, singers

Victor Feldbrill-will conduct the HCI Orchestra on April 27/12- HCI’s 120th Anniversary
John Weinzweig
Sruel Irving Glick
Hyman Goodman
Milton Barnes
Steven Staryk
Jerry Gray-The Travellers-will also perfom at HCI’s 120th Anniversary
Evelyn Gould-opera
Honey Novick-scat singer


Saida Gerrard – modern
Melissa Hayden(born Herman) New York City Ballet


Leonard Braithwaite,
Philip Givens
Hon. Allan Grossman
Ben Nobleman
Joe Pantalone
Adam Giambrone
Rosario Marchese
Phil White
Morley Wolfe
Mae Waese
Zanana Akande
Irving Paisley
Gerald Caplan
Alan Borovoy
Nathan Hurwich
Hon. Edwin Goodman
Dr. Robert Mclure


Gregory Clark
Henry Kreisel
Royson James
Burnett Thall
Helen Weinzweig-playwright –author- first published at 80 years of age-wife of John   Weinzweig


Ivan Fecan
Gordon Stulberg-Pres. 20th Century Fox
Morley Safer
Harvey Hart
Harry Pollock
Norm Perry
Howie Mandel
Eva Langbord-CBC casting director
David Cronenberg
Alvin Rakoff- film director in England
Dusty Cohl-TIFF Founder
Anna sandor
Stan Kates –producer
Johnny Wayne
Frank Shuster
Brian Stewart
Morris Surdin
Harry Keith Beattie
Toby Robins


Louis Rasminsky – Governor-Bank of Canada
Sam Cass- First Chief Traffic Engineer –Metro Toronto


Charles Currelly – First Executive Director of the Royal Ontario Museum
H. Gordon Skilling – Expert in Russian& East European Studies
Julius Molinaro-U of Toronto Professor, high school text book author, founder of the
Canadian Italian Business Professional Association
Rose Wolfe- Chancellor U of Toronto
Arthur Kruger, Dean , U of T Law School & later President of U of T
Rose Sheinin, – Vice-rector , Concordia U
Dr. Sally Zerker-Professor of Economics – York U
Charles Girdler-Teacher at HCI and author of Ontario high school History textbooks
E.F. Kingston-Teacher at HCI and author of Ontario high school English textbooks

Kenneth Edward Prentice (1913-1989) graduated from Harbord Collegiate in 1931 with marks high enough to be awarded the Mc Caul Gold Medal in Classics. He attended University College at the University of Toronto and was awarded scolarships in each of his years there. He became night editor on the Varsity ( the U. of T. newspaper) Ken continued on to an M.A. before beginning a teaching career at Norwich District High School. He later taught at Vaughan Road Collegiate in Toronto and then moved on to the University of Toronto Schools where he spent the geat majority of his teaching career.While at U.T.S. Ken , co-authored four text books including Living Latin and Selected Latin Readings. widely used in Ontario and New Brunswick high schools He also successfully wrote the Principals Qualifications Exams. During his years at U.T.S. he taught the Classics course at the Faculty of Education during many summers. After retirement, Ken became a founding member of the Harbord Club along with Willie Zimmerman and Rhoda (Breslin) Tepper who was one of hos very bright classmates at Harbord.


Alex Levinsky – member of the first Toronto Maple Leaf hockey team to win the Stanley
Cup, 1931-1932
Harry Eckler – Baseball
Harvey Hudes— Auto Racing—founder of the Mosport Race Track


Leon Leppard—Prince of Wales scholarship winner on leaving HCI and during Second
World was instrumental in developing improvements to Radar for the
British that was many years ahead of the Americans.
Dr. Charles Best—co-discoverer of Insulin


Martin Golfarb


Frank Gehry
Irving Grossman
Morton Katz


Sir Edmund Beatty – early President & founder of Canadian Pacific Railway
John Grieco—La Scala Restaurant founder
Rafi Kosower—Harbord Bakery—commissioned “Harbord Street”  an original musical
Piece for Trio Lyra
W.Garfield Weston—son of George, who expanded the bakery business ‘Weston’s
Bread” and then went into the grocery business , now known as “Loblaws” .
Sam Sniderman—Sam the Record Man
Israel Shopsowitz—Shopsy’s meats and delicatessen
Ben Samuels—founder of Regal Toys
Harry Rosen—clothier
Robert Strom—founder of Cadillac Development Corporation
Eleanor Sniderman—Aquitane Recordings—first to record Leona Boyd, Anton Kuerti,
Judy Loman (harpist)
Leslie Dan—pharmacy & philanthropy
Marshall “Mickey” Cohen-Deputy Minister of Finance Canada and senior executive
of Molsons
Harold O. Siegel—mining & geophysics equipment inventor & founder of equipment
supplier Scintrex
Jack Gwartz—one of the founders of Shoppers Drug Mart
Philip Goldman—pioneered the self-serve drug store & one of the founders of
Shoppers Drug Mart
Stanley Goldfarb—founder of Speedy Muffler
David Weiser     –designer of Maple Leaf Tartan , recently chosen by the
Federal Government as the “Canadian Tartan” and founder of
Island Queen Sports Wear


Reginald Hoidge

Amazing the number who came from Europe both prior to and after  the Second World War  as teenagers, whose knowledge of the English language either limited or non-existent and who entered Harbord Collegiate and mastered the English language at Harbord. They went on to successful and eminent careers in medicine, pharmacy, engineering and academe in their specialty. The University of Toronto has been firstly, the greatest beneficiary of their knowledge and experience and later, their philanthropy.