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Harbord’s 120th Birthday bash festivities

Thank you Harbordites for making the celebrations of our school’s 120th birthday memorable.

Many of you were on hand for the gala dinner banquet at the Ambiance Banquet Hall on Thursday April 26th, 2012. Many of us have not shared in a gathering of our fellow Harbordites since we graduated so it was an opportune time to connect and reconnect.

At the school open house on Friday April 27th, 2012, we welcomed over 300 alumni, ex staff members and guests back to the school. Comments included: “I don’t remember the school like this,” “It has been too long since I’ve been here” and “I still cherish the friends that I made when I was here.” With a festive atmosphere, many were able to catch up with others with whom they shared a common journey.

From the Harbord Club, we thank Principal Fuentes, the school staff, caretakers, students and alumni who participated in the staging and success of the celebrations. One of the hi-lites for alumni, is always hearing the ever familiar school song “Onward Harbord.” We now start the task of planning for the next big alumni event, our 125th anniversary celebrations.

Stay tuned for hi-lites, pictures and comments in our next Harbordite. Onward Harbord!

Harbord Collegiate’s 120th birthday bash registration form is now available online

The birthday bash is just around the corner and you are cordially invited.

Our school will be 120 years old in 2012 and we will be celebrating this occasion with a two day itinerary starting with a gala dinner banquet on Thursday April 26, 2012 at an off site banquet facility and culminating in an open house at the school Friday April 27, 2012.

Registration is required for the gala dinner event as seating is limited. The registration form is attached in pdf form, which is to be completed and sent directly to the school c/o of the Harbord Club.

Please note that there is an early bird sign up bonus, which was originally set at December 19, 2011, but has been extended to January 20, 2012 so start organizing your group now. Seating will be arranged on a first come first serve basis.

The registration form will also be sent out to those of you who are already on the Harbord Club email server as well as being posted on our Harbord C.I. Grads/Alumni group on Facebook. Please feel free to pass along the email and invitation to your circle of Harbord Club members (students/grads and staff) and spread the word about the party.

Onward Harbord!

To register, download the registration form below:

Registration is now closed


Harbord Collegiate’s 120th Birthday Bash announcement

The Harbord Club, the alumni association of our beloved school is hosting a birthday bash for our 120th birthday and you and your family are invited.

The two day event will be co-ordinated by the Harbord Club and Once Upon an Occasion event planners.

Dinner banquet: Thursday April 26th,  from 5:30 pm at the Ambiance Banquet Hall in Toronto.

Sign in social hour: 5:30 -6:30 pm

Dinner: French Service

Itinerary: Distinguished guest speakers; 50/50 draw; silent auction; dance & and birthday cake.

Open house: Friday April 27th, during the day on location at the school.  Come and see how our school has changed; visit our museum; check out our history; share your story with our current students; reconnect with friends & more.

Start organizing friends to fill a banquet table table of up to ten.  Registration is required and a PDF application will be posted to the Harbord Club website and Facebook (HarbordC.I. Grads/Alumni) soon.

There will be an early bird registration bonus gift package.  In the interim email us at: contact@harbordclub.com and or harbordcelebration@live.ca to let us know your interest and we will email you the registration form.

Onward Harbord!

2011 Grads prepare for life after Harbord

Today, Tuesday May 17th, the 2011 Harbord Collegiate graduating students  met in the school auditorium to prepare to say goodbye to being students of our school.   With about five weeks left in the school year, there was a distinctive upbeat  mood.  School principal Rodrigo Fuentes and TDSB teacher Belinda Medeira Felix each addressed the graduating class on the expectations of the students for the final race to the finish line.

Also on hand were most of the current members of the Harbord Club executive board.  Chair and museum curator Syd Moscoe had encouraging words for the grads and highlighted the the ongoing transition of the Harbord Club.  Most of those on the original team that had formed, developed, nurtured and grew our alumni association that started in the late 1970’s, have now passed the torch to a new generation of leadership.

Syd Moscoe with the assistance of school guidance counselor Sue Lang Wong has reenergized and restructured the Harbord Club executive with alumni (and future alumni) from different graduation decades.  In attendance today were Sid Ingham (1978),  India Annamanthadoo (2013), Helder Frizado (2009), Vasan Persad (1994) as well as Belinda Felix Medieros (1981) and Syd Moscoe (1952.) Members absent due to other commitments were  Ben Lee (1978), Diana DaSilva (2009) and Sierra Medieros (2010.)  It is our hope that the 2011 graduating class not only look back nostalgically and remember the joyous times spent at our school, but that some of you too will be compelled by your own inner conviction and gratitude to give something back.  Sometimes, all it takes is to simply look back and reflect on the value of the gift of your educational experience here at Harbord.

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