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CBC television – Harbord Remembrance Day Service

This year’s Harbord Collegiate Remembrance Day Service was well covered by CBC television. Attached appeared on the Wednesday 6pm CBC Toronto newscast. Many students stood in line after the service to receive their personally signed copy of Nate’s book from Nate. The student at the end of the news item, Benjamin Heywood-McLeod, has been a member of the Harbord Club Museum Volunteers for the past three years. You can see and hear some of his and the other volunteers work ,by visiting the Harbord Club website –harbordclub.com- and going to the Tab-“Veterans” and check out those veterans who gave their life and listen to their stories as developed and recorded by these volunteers.



While researching my article on Lieutenant Myer Cohen (“Well done, 42nd, well done, old Cohen: Myer Tutzer Cohen (1894­1917)’]. I came across an obituary published in the Toronto Daily Star on 16 November 1917, a few days after he had been killed in action at Passchendaele. The obituary stated that Cohen had been educated at Harbord Collegiate Institute in Toronto. Harbord Collegiate had opened its doors in 1892 and had a high proportion of Jewish students right up until the 1960s. Harbord unveiled its monument for fallen WW1 soldiers in 1921 (a second for fallen WW2 soldiers was added in 2007). I then contacted Syd Moscoe of the “Harbord Club.” the school’s alumni association, to see if they had any additional information on Cohen which could add to the story I was building on this gallant officer. Sadly. Cohen’s name did not appear in their records, nor did it appear on the Institute’s WWI Honour Roll of Service. Lastly, his name was not inscribed on Harbord’s monument to the fallen, known affectionately to staff and students as “Our Soldier.” According to Moscoe, “over 500 students and staff served in the WW1, but only about 480 names have been located.” To Moscoe’s credit, he quickly put in place plans to finance the creation of a new bronze plaque to be unveiled and dedicated on Remembrance Day, 11 November 2014. The funds to create and mount the plaque were eventually raised by Harbord’s Student Activity Council and the Key Club. It was also hoped that a representative of Cohen’s old Regiment. the 5th Regiment, Royal Highlanders of Canada (today’s Black Watch of Canada), as well as someone from Lt Cohen’s extended family, would be in attendance.

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Update from the Harbord Charitable Foundation



1. For 2014 The Harbord Charitable Foundation/The Harbord Club is pleased to
announce that there will be 70 student awards with a total value in excess of $9.300.00
being given out at the Commencement and Awards Assembly.

2. A new scholarship will be established in the fall of 2015—“The Marvin Lichtenfeld
For History Award”. This will be awarded to the graduating student with the highest
mark in History. Jack Marvin Lichtenfeld , who died this year, graduated from Harbord
Collegiate in 1961. He was Head of the History Department at East York Collegiate
for many years. The Harbord Charitable Foundation/Harbord Club thanks the Estate of
Jack Marvin Lichtenfeld for remembering and acknowledging the students of Harbord

3. Peter Miller, President/Treasurer of The Harbord Charitable Foundation, is looking for
an “accounting type” alumna who will volunteer their time in assisting him and
eventually take over his duties. If you have some time on your hands, and have
fondness and love for your alma mater, give Peter a call at 416-489-3443.