A foundation dedicated to reconnecting Harbord alumni and former staff.

About Us

The Harbord Club, the longest continuous high school alumni group in Canada, was founded in June 1978, inspired by Elsie Affleck, a teacher of Latin and Greek at Harbord during the mid- 1930s. She brought together Ken Prentice, who later became a teacher of Latin and Greek and Willie Zimmerman, another of her students who decided that their love of Harbord Collegiate was probably shared by many other graduates of the school.

The original group consisted of Ken Prentice, Willie Zimmerman, Johnny Wayne, Max Goldhar and Julius Molinaro, to mention just a few. In 1979 they founded the Harbordite, a newsletter designed to keep former students of the school in contact with one another. They also created the Harbord Charitable Foundation to establish endowment funds to provide for yearly student awards.

In 1992 Harbord celebrated its first centennial and witnessed the inauguration of the Harbord Museum, distinguished by its architectural design, and repository of Harbord memorabilia of photographs and documents. The second major event of the centennial was the publication of The Happy Ghosts of Harbord, which traces the history of the school from 1892 when it was built to 1992. The title of the book was inspired by Charles Girdler who introduced his students to drama in the skits and plays he directed and presented on the Harbord stage. The celebrated comedy team of Johnny Wayne and Frank Shuster team received their first lessons in comedy from this great teacher. The book is still available.

On November 11, 2005, a most poignant ceremony took place. Through your donations and along with corporate sponsorships, we fulfilled phase I of Harbord Remembers . We rededicated the WW1 monument in all of its original splendor. Syd Moscoe, most ably,served as Master of Ceremonies. Poignant addresses were given by:

• Galen Weston, President of George Weston Ltd.
• Barney Danson, a former Minister of Defence
• Lt.-General Marc Caron, Chief of Land Staff, Canadian Armed Services
• Sheila Ward, Chairperson of the TDSB

The Harbord choir and orchestra performed, and, an essay and poem of students Kevin Tung and Michael Lee were presented. ‘Last Post’ was played by student David Chou. After the dedication, Wendy Rebanks, Treasurer of the W. Garfield Weston Foundation, conveyed:

“The Harbord Collegiate’s Remembrance Day Service and Rededication was a very special occasion for our family. The five of us from Garfield Weston’s family will long remember the music, monument rededication and fine tributes given to and by Harbord students that morning. We were proud to be present at such a moving ceremony. ”

She is the granddaughter of Garfield Weston, a student of Harbord who fought in the First World War.

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