A foundation dedicated to reconnecting Harbord alumni and former staff.

Calling ALL alumni ….

The Harbord Club is seeking:

  1. New Directors to join the Harbord Club – monthly meetings are held in museum from September to June in the evening & are open to all alumni who want to keep HCI spirit alive amongst alumni/staff/current students with new ideas
  2. New Harbord Museum Curator/Volunteer Director(s) – preferably retired alumni in the GTA who can spare a minimum of 3 hours/day each week to direct current student volunteers in the cataloguing inventory & memorabilia, plus maintenance & upkeep of our school museum (specific day TBD)
  3. HCI 125th Anniversary Yearbook Editor(s) – asking all alumni to contribute any experience, talents & time into organizing a commemorative yearbook showcasing our recent celebrations this past April (2017); museum volunteers would be available to help

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