A foundation dedicated to reconnecting Harbord alumni and former staff.

Update from the Harbord Charitable Foundation



1. For 2014 The Harbord Charitable Foundation/The Harbord Club is pleased to
announce that there will be 70 student awards with a total value in excess of $9.300.00
being given out at the Commencement and Awards Assembly.

2. A new scholarship will be established in the fall of 2015—“The Marvin Lichtenfeld
For History Award”. This will be awarded to the graduating student with the highest
mark in History. Jack Marvin Lichtenfeld , who died this year, graduated from Harbord
Collegiate in 1961. He was Head of the History Department at East York Collegiate
for many years. The Harbord Charitable Foundation/Harbord Club thanks the Estate of
Jack Marvin Lichtenfeld for remembering and acknowledging the students of Harbord

3. Peter Miller, President/Treasurer of The Harbord Charitable Foundation, is looking for
an “accounting type” alumna who will volunteer their time in assisting him and
eventually take over his duties. If you have some time on your hands, and have
fondness and love for your alma mater, give Peter a call at 416-489-3443.

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