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7 responses to “Harbordite Issue #67”

  1. stanton reitapple wright says:

    important mission
    Staanton was in love with shirley naperstak but too shy to tell her and lost her to another
    anybody seen her these last 55 years ?

    Reward of tickets to next harbord soiree or tickets to ballet

  2. Stephen Freedhoff says:

    Do you mean Shirley Pasternack?

  3. Murray Rubin says:

    It was Shirley Naparstek (spelling may be wrong). She married Dr Rubenzahl. She was a real cutie and we called her snappers

  4. esther cohen says:

    She was also very clever

  5. esther cohen says:

    I guess I am younger and look forward to our reunion.

  6. Harbord 1940-1946 Wartime.
    Lead trumpet under Allister Haig. A grand conductor and friend. Principle Mr. Carlyle. I also played many tea dances
    during the war and all Commencements. The Sniders, Dave
    trumpet and Elsie? cello, Teachers, Cook, Caldecott, all
    great teachers and friends. The football team tried but never made it. Harbord will always be with me. Many happy and joyous memories even though the world was in a sad state of WAR!
    Always, Lloyd Bittle (Still playing Trumpet).

  7. Anyway – keep up the great work!

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