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Harbord’s 120th Birthday bash festivities

Thank you Harbordites for making the celebrations of our school’s 120th birthday memorable.

Many of you were on hand for the gala dinner banquet at the Ambiance Banquet Hall on Thursday April 26th, 2012. Many of us have not shared in a gathering of our fellow Harbordites since we graduated so it was an opportune time to connect and reconnect.

At the school open house on Friday April 27th, 2012, we welcomed over 300 alumni, ex staff members and guests back to the school. Comments included: “I don’t remember the school like this,” “It has been too long since I’ve been here” and “I still cherish the friends that I made when I was here.” With a festive atmosphere, many were able to catch up with others with whom they shared a common journey.

From the Harbord Club, we thank Principal Fuentes, the school staff, caretakers, students and alumni who participated in the staging and success of the celebrations. One of the hi-lites for alumni, is always hearing the ever familiar school song “Onward Harbord.” We now start the task of planning for the next big alumni event, our 125th anniversary celebrations.

Stay tuned for hi-lites, pictures and comments in our next Harbordite. Onward Harbord!

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