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Harbord Collegiate’s 120th birthday bash registration form is now available online

The birthday bash is just around the corner and you are cordially invited.

Our school will be 120 years old in 2012 and we will be celebrating this occasion with a two day itinerary starting with a gala dinner banquet on Thursday April 26, 2012 at an off site banquet facility and culminating in an open house at the school Friday April 27, 2012.

Registration is required for the gala dinner event as seating is limited. The registration form is attached in pdf form, which is to be completed and sent directly to the school c/o of the Harbord Club.

Please note that there is an early bird sign up bonus, which was originally set at December 19, 2011, but has been extended to January 20, 2012 so start organizing your group now. Seating will be arranged on a first come first serve basis.

The registration form will also be sent out to those of you who are already on the Harbord Club email server as well as being posted on our Harbord C.I. Grads/Alumni group on Facebook. Please feel free to pass along the email and invitation to your circle of Harbord Club members (students/grads and staff) and spread the word about the party.

Onward Harbord!

To register, download the registration form below:

Registration is now closed


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