(Founded 1979)
286 Harbord Street, Toronto Ontario, Canada M6G 1G5

A Newsletter published for former students
and teachers of Harbord Collegiate Institute

NO. 51

EDITOR - Paul McIntyre ('50)

Harbord Club email: contact @harbordclub.com
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Fall 2004


1) To establish and maintain a sense of common identity among former students
and teachers of the school
2) To share news from Harbordites everywhere
3) To provide funds for prizes, awards and scholarships in all grades of the school.

WW2 Memorial juxtaposed in front of HCI

The sculpture takes the form of a stainless steel "H", with an 8" space between the vertical halves. This 'break' represents the rending of futures -- the lives of Harbord C.I. students, lost in World War II. To read the names of those whose memories are honoured, one stands within, and is embraced by, the sculpture. The monument will be located in the lower courtyard at the southeast corner of the building so as
not to detract from the existing WW I monument. At present, the Toronto District School Board is vetting the project.

The new memorial is designed by Architect / Sculptor Morton Katz, a former U of T Professor, a Past President of the Sculptor's Society of Canada and a Harbord C.I.alumnus. Through the Herculean efforts of Murray Rubin, funds are being raised both for the restoration of the WW I monument and the construction of the WW II memorial.

lower courtyard location


Wednesday, November 2, 2004
Harbord Collegiate Institute
10:30 a.m.

Did you leave Harbord in 1954?

If so, you are one of our Year 2004 honorees. You and your classmates are invited to the Annual Awards Assembly of the school on Nov. 5, 2004 at 1:00 PM. These awards will be presented not only in honour of those who left Harbord in 1954 but also in honour of your classmates, living or deceased, whom you remember. This is our chance to celebrate you and them.
Because there are, happily, so many of you,

Please Regard This As
Your Personal Invitation

from Principal Fran Parkin, to be present in the audience
and at the informal reception that follows. Staff,
honorees, and members of the Harbord Club are invited, following the assembly.
Honorees are given reserved seating in the assembly,
and the school appreciates knowing how many to expect. We sincerely hope you will be with us, r.s.v.p.

Harbord Collegiate Institute, 2886 Harbord St.,
Toronto, Ontario, M6G 1G5
(Telephone 416-393- 1650)

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